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Iron Angel Multi-Lock System

Iron Angel Multi-Lock System SAFE
  • Provides safe and secure access to alleyways and other areas which must be accessible to multiple parties
  • Enables up to four people to lock or unlock a gate even though each person has their own padlock and key
  • Padlocks are maintained in a protective metal cover that is secure and impenetrable
  • Far superior to the common chain and lock which can be easily breached
  • Purchased by the City of Sacramento for installation on City-owned alley gates

Inventor Angel Garcia has patented the Iron Angel Multi-Lock System, ideal for alleyways and other common areas that are often closed by gates which must be opened by different parties. Occupants of residences and commercial buildings served by a common area and persons working for fire departments or other government agencies and public utility companies can often need access to the same gate. This Locking system enables up to four people to lock or unlock a gate even though such persons each have their own separate and different padlocks and padlock keys. The padlocks are maintained in a protective Iron Angel Multi-Lock Systemmetal cover and placed so that cutting of the shackles or destruction or breakage of the locks in some other manner is extremely difficult. Furthermore, the apparatus is characterized by its strength, reliability and ease of use, while also presenting a pleasing appearance. For more information or a demonstration, please call (916) 768-2911.
Patent # 7757523
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